July 14, 2024


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Food TikToker reveals in food how many calories he eats in a day

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TikTok foodie The Feast Kings explains how many calories he eats during the day through this mouthwatering meal montage.

The Feast Kings (@feastkings) is a food blogger who has garnered a following of more than 350,000 users for his culinary adventures that span the food pyramid. Recently, he posted a video answering how many calories he consumes on an average day, and viewers were astonished. 

In the clip, the self-proclaimed king of feasting illustrates how he averages 5,000 calories daily by featuring a montage of all the meals he ate that day. 

The first shot shows him slicing into a delicious molten chocolate soufflé as melted chocolate oozes out, drenching the cake. The next meal features someone grating a generous amount of parmesan cheese over a plate of mouthwatering, creamy gnocchi alla vodka. 

In keeping with Italian cuisine, he then devours a plate of juicy meatballs with marinara sauce and parmesan cheese. It’s difficult not to drool as the camera zooms in to reveal a perfectly cooked meatball

For the final meal, the clip cuts to a shot of a decadent baked Alaska as it’s being flambéed. Watching the flames turn the meringue from a crisp white to a toasty brown has a hypnotic effect. 

Instead of using the number of calories attached to each meal, he uses the food itself to illustrate their daily caloric intake of 5,000.

That metabolism, though

Viewers were amazed by The Feast Kings’ daily total calorie intake and took to the comments to count and compare calories.

“Prob got a hella fast metabolism,” observed one user. 

“I’m supposed to have 3k, which is a lot, so 5k is a ton,” another viewer remarked. 

“Bruh 5,000 I can only eat 3,000 max as a bodybuilder,” mentioned one user. 

“Bro’s either a gym god or has the most blessed metabolism I’ve ever seen,” one viewer noted. 

Everyone’s daily caloric intake is different. Ultimately, it’s important to find a healthy balance that works for you regarding food and diet.

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