May 23, 2024


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FFUPS Is Changing The Snack Food Game With ‘Not Healthy’ Tubes And Wild Flavors

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You know that outdated stating, “When you consider to be all the things to absolutely everyone, you turn out to be nothing to no one”?

Yeah, that wisdom applies to the snack foodstuff aisle at the grocery retail outlet.

Once the sacred cradle of junk food innovation, the snack meals aisle has become uninteresting and predictable. There is a great deal of everything – each individual zesty flavor imaginable, each ingredient of chip possible, each individual Major Foodstuff company synergy imaginable.

There are a myriad of selections for the calorie-aware. Most of them flavor like dried garden clippings and tree bark, with the texture of industrial-power styrofoam.

But what about us neckbeards who never care about our seaside bods? We’re happy of our midnight munchies just after a marathon gaming session. We do not want a bag of swiss chard straws or popcorn with a label that presents you stress and anxiety about your BMI.

In that instant, we want to satiate our cravings with some thing that smacks us in the tastebuds.

That’s exactly where FFUPS comes in.

What is FFUPS?

FFUPs (which is “puffs” spelled backward… and erroneous) isn’t heading to bullshit you with well being claims. It’s unabashedly “not healthy”, priding itself on style, flavor, and a 1-of-a-form crunch alternatively.

Readily available for shipping by means of, these are decadent cheese puffs, designed for cheese puff-heads. You can not skip the brightly-coloured deals, full with a creamy late ’70s vibe.

Purchase FFUPS Right here

The snack food model is the brainchild of Sam Tichnor, a Boston-born CPG industry vet who felt like a little something was lacking from the snack aisle of his community grocery store.

As a result, a model that isn’t likely to boast about health and fitness statements.

Alternatively, they’ll brag about flavor. FFUPS is loaded with savory seasonings that split out of the mould from regular puff flavors. There are five flavors that appeal to a spectrum of tastes – savory, umami, salty, sweet, and tangy.

We’re not talking about fuel station-good quality cheese puffs in this article, persons.

  • Grocery Keep Cheddar – The old staple, reenvisioned with an incredibly craveable twist: Hundreds of cheddar.
  • Semi-Historic Bitter Cream & Onion – Who suggests sour cream and onion only belongs on potato chips? It is a delightful seasoning on puffs way too. This is how you keep the aged boys club in the snack food Illuminati on their toes. Defeat the gatekeepers at their individual video game.

  • Skilled Salt & Vinegar – Like common boardwalk french fries, it mixes the tangy of malt vinegar with a salty crunch.

  • Unambiguous Cinnamon Toast – Don’t forget looking at cartoons on Saturday early morning though gorging on bowls of cinnamon sugar cereal? It’s like the puffs variation of that – Not possible to put down. They are form of like mini-churros, with the great crunch.

  • Instant Sizzling Chocolate – Vintage very hot cocoa powder… on puffs? It hits the sweet tooth devoid of an overpowering sugar crash, with a pinch of chocolate and marshmallow.

Warning: If you are inclined to snack attacks, FFUPS will get ‘ya each time.

Inventory that pantry up. You can buy on the internet, 6 bags for $30 or twelve bags for $58. 

Purchase FFUPS Right here


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