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DoorDash Driver Says She Eats Customers’ Food When They Do This

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A TikTok user has sparked debate after sharing a video in which she claims to be eating a customer’s food while delivering for DoorDash.

Uploaded last week, the video shows TikToker @chiinax._ eating in her car alongside a caption regarding DoorDash’s “hand it to me” drop-off option.

“Me eating your food after the timer ended because you chose the ‘Hand it to me’ option but refused to meet me downstairs as instructed by the app and myself,” she wrote.

@chiinax._ I dont work for you or for free b. Get tour a** up and get your food. #idontplaygames #doordash #dasher #ubereats #uberdriver #deliverydriver #driverproblems #youliveyoulearn #getyourfood #cashmeoutsidehowbowdah ♬ original sound – MONTERO

The video immediately spurred a range of opinions from many who opposed the alleged actions and those who simply found it humorous.

Many argued that such a video would undoubtedly get @chiinax._ from her alleged position with the company.

“How to get fired 101,” one user said.

Others cited the footage as one of many reasons that they choose not to tip their delivery drivers.

“This is why I don’t tip you guys,” another wrote. “Never get the order right and wanna act up.”

Some argued that they have been unable to meet their drivers in the past due to health-related issues.

“But I’m pregnant on the 8th floor and the elevators out,” one user stated. “Nawl cause I had this happen fr I was so hurttt.”

At least one user claimed that a refund would be issued to the customer either way, making the TikToker’s stunt meaningless.

“As they got a complete refund and credit after that boo byeee,” the user said.

The Daily Dot reached out to @chiinax._ about the viral video but did not receive a reply from press time. In a follow-up video, however, the TikToker doubled down on her stance regarding customers’ food.

@chiinax._ Reply to @coochiebrick If you didn’t know, now you do. #selfemployed #doordash #uber #dasher #uberdriver #uberdriverproblems #deliverydriver ♬ original sound – MONTERO

While the TikToker’s employment with DoorDash is unclear, delivery drivers eating their customers’ food is a very real phenomenon. A study conducted last year found that at least 28 percent of delivery drivers admitted to eating from their customers’ orders.

DoorDash did not respond to the Daily Dot’s inquiry regarding the TikTok video.

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*First Published: May 20, 2022, 1:33 pm CDT

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