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Dominic Update 5.0 – Brown Eyed Baker

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Dominic Update 5.0 - Brown Eyed Baker

Delighted October, pals!

I hope you have all had a amazing start out to tumble and are enjoying the cooler temperatures and stunning tumble days.

I’m popping in right now with a new Dominic update. Thank you all so considerably for your e-mail, the playing cards and gifts that you have despatched, and all of the prayers you have provided up our loved ones appreciates it all so really a lot ❤️

The Hottest Solutions and Scans

Just after Labor Day, Dominic had his second spherical of immunotherapy remedy, followed up by a new established of scans and a bone marrow biopsy in mid-September.

We received extremely encouraging news… the scan showed that 50% of the cancer has cleared, which is the greatest transfer of the needle that we’ve witnessed so far.

The total-body radioactive scan completed for neuroblastoma is identified as an MIBG scan and it is given a “Curie score” – 10 segments of the system are scored to 3, centered on how significantly most cancers is present, which means the maximum score it can clearly show is 30. In Might, Dominic’s rating was 27 right after surgery and prior to starting immunotherapy, his score was 26. After the second spherical of immunotherapy, this most recent scan showed a rating of 13.

His bone marrow biopsy confirmed what the health care provider known as “just a trace” of neuroblastoma cells, a reduction from the past 5 to 10%.

We pray that the immunotherapy remedies continue on to be this productive and that he will shortly be fully cleared of the most cancers that stays.

Following Up…

Dominic will have his third spherical of immunotherapy the week just after future, and then the fourth spherical about a month right after that, followed by a different established of scans.

Immunotherapy, unlike chemotherapy, does not trigger white counts, platelets, or hemoglobin to fall, so we really don’t have to stress about twice-weekly lab perform or transfusions. We just need to go into clinic the moment a week to have his central line dressing altered.

In the Meantime…

Dominic began kindergarten previous week! It has made my coronary heart so joyful to see him experiencing usual 5-yr-old everyday living, showing us the papers he’s labored on, and talking about the minor factors that have occurred all through the day.

Just after paying the past six months going again and forth from hospitals, inpatient stays for chemotherapy, surgery, limitless clinic visits, transfusions, radiation, and all the things in amongst, obtaining some normalcy in day-to-day lifetime has been these types of a blessing for him.

AND he turns 6 this 7 days! 🎉

Coming Up…

You could have noticed a couple of new e-mail from me this last 7 days! Thank you so a lot for the magnificent suggestions!

I’m slowly but surely beginning to get again into the swing of things and with a somewhat far more predictable plan at property, I’m hoping to deliver back again Friday Matters and send you delightful recipes on a semi-regular foundation once more. Stay tuned 😋

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