September 21, 2023


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Director Jordan is changing perception of Luna County Detention Center

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Luna County Detention Center Director Lee Cook Jordan points to the frame at the facilities front entrance that recognizes employee achievements.

DEMING – Lee Cook Jordan is changing the perception of the Luna County Detention Center. As new director, Cook Jordan is making sure that the needs of staff and inmates are met daily. “We all have choices in life, and some of us make bad ones every now and then,” Cook Jordan said during a Headlight interview. “There are no bad people in here. …. Only bad choices.”

Cook Jordan began his career at the old county jail in 1999 and spent three years as a guard. He went into construction until the industry suffered a setback before moving on to the Deming Police Department. “I worked my way up the ranks and into detective and on a task force,” Cook Jordan said. “I tried to get my hands into all that I could in terms of law enforcement.” | Newsphere by AF themes.