July 25, 2024


Than a Food Fitter

Delivery rider cooks food order himself after restaurant takes too long

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Food delivery riders have become the unsung heroes of the COVID-19 pandemic, bringing delicious food to our doorsteps so we don’t have to risk getting infected when grabbing a bite to eat outside.

And for a lot of us, ordering-in has always been the norm, even in pre-COVID times. Either way, there’s no denying that we truly do rely on food delivery riders to make our lives just a tad bit easier.

However, not all orders proceed smoothly. Sometimes, especially during peak hours, you might have to wait a little bit longer before the delivery rider shows up at your doorstep with today’s lunch.

Taking things into his own hands, quite literally.

A food delivery rider in Malaysia has gone viral on social media after proceeding to make the very food order he was supposed to pick up, seeing that the restaurant itself was taking a bit too long to fulfil the order.

It was a classic Malaysian favorite – roti canai.

@broarifffff Jenis tak boleh kena sidai 😅 #fyp #ordertriple #foodpandamalaysia ♬ original sound – Muhd Ariff

In a video captioned ‘The type that can’t be ignored’, TikTok user @broarifffff points out that the rider had already arrived at the restaurant, and decided to make the roti canai order he had come to pick up himself – seeing that the restaurant (unspecified) was taking too long.

He then pans the camera over to the rider, standing behind the griddle, pressing roti canai dough like an absolute pro.

Look at that fluffy roti canai. IMAGE: Murni Discovery

This apparently took place in Selayang, a town in the state of Selangor – according to a reply @broarifffff made after another TikTok user asked about the location, saying the place looked familiar.

While the video definitely is funny, one can only imagine the stress that the rider had to go through, not wanting to delay his orders. Whatever the case, give this man a raise!

Going beyond the call of duty.

IMAGE: @broarifffff / TikTok

The video was also shared on the FoodPanda Rider Malaysia Facebook page, where it has received much praise from fellow delivery riders, commending the ‘abang‘ (brother) for his hard work and dedication.

“This rider is versatile,” remarked one commenter.

Another commenter quipped that the rider was actually just making his own food, joking that the rest should handle their food themselves.

But perhaps the best comment of all, something truly reminiscent of any delivery app – “Your rider is preparing the food.”

We hope this abang got a fat tip.

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Cover image sourced from Kuali and @broarifffff / TikTok.

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