June 5, 2023


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Closed highways result in food delivery delays, but no apparent shortages | Local news for Bismarck-Mandan, North Dakota

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Prolonged closures of major highways in North Dakota due to this week’s blizzard meant some food delivery delays for Bismarck-Mandan grocery stores and restaurants, though it doesn’t appear there are any major shortages.

Cash Wise was waiting for Interstate 94 to reopen for trucks in Jamestown and Valley City to bring loads of eggs, milk and bread to Bismarck. The highway reopened Friday morning.

The south Bismarck Cash Wise has been out of milk and eggs and has limited bread offerings, according to Store Director Brad Christensen.

The store was able to get fresh meat and produce in before closing on Tuesday. The north Bismarck Cash Wise was able to get a load of eggs and a limited supply of milk in on Wednesday from a truck that got through from Nebraska, he said.

The stores were closed on Wednesday and had limited hours Thursday due to staff being stuck on unplowed streets, according to Christensen.

“Business has been pretty brisk already today, and we had a pretty good day yesterday,” he said Friday morning.

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Brick Oven Bakery Manager Maria Sandstrom said the storm didn’t cause any shortages at that restaurant because it buys supplies so far in advance. But the bakery wasn’t able to sell bread Thursday because it was closed on Wednesday, preventing staff from preparing it.

Shelbie Eckroth, who manages the Main Avenue McDonald’s in Bismarck, said the location was supposed to receive a shipment of product on Thursday, but it was delayed until Friday afternoon because of the storm. The restaurant wasn’t running low on any supplies, but the delay would have been an issue had the business been open its normal hours this week, she said. It closed early Tuesday and Thursday and was closed all day Wednesday.


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