July 14, 2024


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Bots Try and Take Over SFIT and Fred Creates Fast Food Monsters In Latest Episode of “Big Hero 6 The Series”

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After a brief hiatus, Big Hero 6 The Series is back on DisneyXD and the DisneyNOW app, and we have entered the final episodes of the series as it was recently announced that the series will end with the last episode of this, the third season. Until then, let’s take a look at our latest adventures with Hiro and the rest of Big Hero 6 in San Fransokyo.


Standing outside of her office anxiously, Hiro has a meeting with a Professor Granville. He is under the impression that he is in some kind of trouble even though it’s summer and there are no classes right now. He and Baymax are called in only to find out that they are not in trouble, but that the Professor wants Hiro to recruit a particularly stubborn genius named Rishi to become a student at SFIT.

Across the city, Noodleburger Boy and the family are hatching a new scheme. Everything from stealing the human’s shoes to destroying the sun are mentioned, before they land on the idea that they should all go back to school and create a school for bots.

Back at the campus, Hiro meets with Rishi to show off the campus and labs at the school. Unimpressed, Rishi tries to prove that he is smarter than Hiro and proves he can hack anything, including Baymax. The back and forth continues, and Hiro goes to Professor Granville suggesting that maybe he can’t convince him. Granville entices him with a deal that’s sure to convince any student, that if he recruits Rishi, he will no longer have any early morning classes. She also insinuates that one time she had a troublesome kid that she wanted at her school, which Hiro quickly processed that she was referring to himself.

Noodleburger Boy and the family have arrived at SFIT to take over and turn it into the school for bots, where they show a campus recruitment video to Baymax to get him to attend the school. Easily the best part of the episode in terms of comedy, the video is a cliche and formulaic version of every video that any prospective student has seen before. Baymax politely refuses to attend the school. Hiro, now in his superhero form, arrives on scene to make sure the bots don’t take over the school. Rishi is startled and impressed by the heroics he sees in front of him and Professor Granville says that this sort of thing happens on the campus all the time, giving Rishi that last push to convince him to attend the school.

Return to Sycorax

Getting ready to binge over 5 hours worth of movies, Wasabi, Hiro, and Fred are together with Mini-Max and Baymax when Fred presents them with enough fast food sustenance to last through the evening and beyond. Wasabi tries to convince Fred that he needs to start eating healthier when they get a call from Judy, Krei’s assistant, worried that Krei is lost somewhere in the new building they just acquired. That building? Sycorax.

Devotees may recall that Sycorax is the monster factory from a previous episode that was nightmare inducing, especially to Wasabi, who starts sweating profusely at the thought of returning. Reluctantly, the boys go back to Sycorax and try and find Krei. When they do, they find him safe and sound exploring the building with no apparent cause for alarm. Fred, as usual, is hungry and brought some of his fast food (specifically a taco and some chicken) with him and reheated it in a microwave. As it turns out, it wasn’t a microwave but a piece of monster creating equipment leftover and Fred’s taco and chicken have now come to life in the form of menacing fast food creatures.

A battle ensues that also sees the taco monster being able to breathe fire, causing Fred to realize he should stop ordering his food “Diablo Style.” Taking a short break from the fight to formulate a plan, the gang is with Judy in her office who has a bot deliver her a fresh salad. Hiro realizes they can wrangle up all these delivery bots from around Sycorax to help contain the monsters on lower level.

Using the bots, they succeed in getting the monsters onto an elevator, to which Mini-Max takes a short premature celebration dance break. On the lower level, waiting for the elevator, we learn Wasabi has a secret pottery hobby just before the monsters arrive. The monsters destroy the delivery bots and it’s up to the boys to get the beasts contained on their own, which they succeed in doing, with Fred learning that maybe he actually should stop eating fast food.

Big Hero 6 The Series is available now on DisneyXD and the DisneyNOW app.





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