April 16, 2024


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5 Reasons Southerners Should Join the Fun on TikTok

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Old Fried on Phone

Old Fried on Phone

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1. Creative Home Cooks

On television shows we see talented chefs cooking in professional spaces, but TikTok is all about the home kitchen. From everyday people showing off their culinary interests for the first time to food editors sharing how they cook in their own kitchens, there’s room for everyone to share what they know and love about Southern food. With videos clocking in under a minute, most even shorter, the recipes I see on TikTok often require few ingredients and simple methods to pull together.

Old Man Steve
At 81-years-old, Stephen Austin has garnered more than one million followers on TikTok with his colorful bucket hats and cheerful updates from his kitchen.

Ivy Odom
If you’re a fan of Hey Y’all, don’t miss Ivy Odom’s weekly TikTok videos on our own channel. From deep-fried deviled eggs to dollar store centerpieces, Ivy tries it all from her kitchen table.

2. Tabitha Brown

There’s no denying that 2020 was a stressful year, and Tabitha Brown‘s soothing voice was just the medicine we all needed. Through thoughtful pep talks and vegan cooking tutorials, the North Carolina native delivers a daily dose of sunshine to our feeds. Her vegan mac and cheese even ran in the January/February issue of Southern Living. It only takes a few seconds to understand why Tabitha’s videos have more than 77 million likes.

3. Beauty’s Best

On TikTok, the beauty tutorials and product recommendations feel accessible and fun. Since we’re not leaving our homes as often as we’d like, experimenting with our daily routines can feel like a hobby and less like a morning chore. The beauty creators on TikTok are eager to share the products they love, in addition to new ways to use them. Before you make another drugstore makeup haul, see what Southerners are loving on TikTok first.

Jorie McDonald
Tune into our own TikTok profile to see SL editor Jorie McDonald share some of her favorite makeup tips and skincare misses.

4. Yes, the Dancing

Before reading this article, you may have thought that TikTok was nothing more than a collection of dancing videos. That assumption isn’t completely unfounded, and dancing trends are alive and well on the platform. This content does sometimes have a deeper purpose, whether it’s giving the dancer a place to find joy in a difficult year or sharing an extra dose of humor with the TikTok audience.

Chris Askew
This Florida dad shared his daily dances on TikTok to cheer on his youngest son while he got bigger and stronger in the NICU. It took 47 days of dancing, but baby Dylan made it home!

Amy Stephens
She may have embarrassed her daughters in the process, but this Southern mama turned an everyday kitchen appliance into a viral dance routine.

5. Budget-Friendly Home Decor

Our Instagram folders are filled with the rooms we aspire to live in, but TikTok is where we can learn shopping tips and decorating tricks that won’t break the bank. From organizing projects you can tackle in a weekend to styling secrets straight from designers, TikTok is filled with decorating ideas you can recreate right now. Tune in to see how some of these creators transform vintage finds from Estate Sales or Facebook Marketplace.

Kyla Herbes
On @houseofhipsters, this blogger and interior designer shows followers how she sources and styles reclaimed art, furniture, and accessories in her own home.

If you’ve already joined TikTok, what’s your favorite content to watch on the platform? We’d love to hear from you!

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