Chinese cooking wine brings tangy depth to, well . . . everything

I love cooking with alcohol. The magnificent aromas, the satisfying glug of rich liquid pouring from the bottle, and, of course, the drinking. Sure, French cooking gets well-deserved attention for its liberal use of wine, and Japanese cooking wouldn’t be nearly as delicious without mirin and sake, but there are few places where alcohol is used as effectively, or as liberally, as in Chinese cuisines. If your pantry (or liquor cabinet) is short a bottle of Chinese wine, for cooking and for drinking, it’s time to fix that. And we’re here to help.

What is Chinese cooking wine?

Chinese wines are made by fermenting grain (typically rice or sticky rice mixed with millet, barley, or wheat) with a starter of molds and yeasts. There is a huge range of styles, from light, clear mijiu (similar to Japanese sake) to dark, sweet xiang xue jiu (“fragrant snow wine”). But when

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How one TikTok food creator shares his journey during Ramadan

TikTok food creator Ahmad Alzahabi, known as The Golden Balance, has kept his viewers wanting more as he provides easy-to-follow recipes during quarantine. The Muslim TikToker has lately been taking followers into his Ramadan cooking series, called “The Ramadan Chronicles.”

Ramadan, the ninth month of the Islamic calendar, is considered one of the holiest Islamic months. Of the Five Pillars of Islam, the Ramadan fast is considered a compulsory act ordered by God.

Ramadan commemorates the revelation of the Quran, and Muslims fast, refraining from eating and drinking from dawn to dusk. Days are spent centered around faith, charity and gratitude. During this holy month, Muslims shift their focus to strengthening self-discipline and spirituality.

Born and raised in Flint, Michigan, Alzahabi’s culinary career began when he was a young boy.

“My mom was never bothered if I was in the kitchen. She always welcomed me to help,” the

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