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10 Best Shows Like Next Level Chef

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In Gordon Ramsay’s latest exciting reality series, Next Level Chef, foodies work hard and hope to win $250,000. Many different aspects of the food world are represented here, from people who run food trucks t0 people who cook at home and those who have big social media followings.

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Gordon Ramsay has brought his expertise and famous harsh and honest personality to many shows within this genre, and while fans will want to check this new one out, there are many other food reality shows that are a lot of fun to watch (and will make anyone hungry).

10 Restaurant: Impossible

Stream on Discovery+

robert irvine restaurant impossible cropped

There are some memorable cooking TV shows, and sometimes it’s fun to watch a series that is about being passionate about getting in the kitchen, coming up with creative new dishes, and also running a successful business.

Robert Irvine is a tough but passionate host of the Food Network series Restaurant: Impossiblewhich is a great pick for fans of Next Level Chef. In each episode, Irvine visits a struggling chef to see what’s going wrong with their restaurant, and he helps them figure out food costs, how to bring more customers in, and in some cases, how to fix something in their personal life. The show is perfect for foodies who want to see more about the ins and outs of running a food business and it’s also heartwarming.

9 Food 911 (2000-2004)

Stream on Discovery+

Split image of Food 911 logo and Tyler Florence helping someone learn to cook on Food 911

Foodies who want a TV show about home cooks learning more tips, techniques, and recipes will want to check out this nostalgic Food Network series.

Tyler Florence hosted Food 911 and visited people in their homes to teach them how to make something delicious, whether fish tacos, a Thanksgiving meal, chili, or in one memorable episode, showing a talented pre-teen how to make an amazing spaghetti and salad dinner for his mom.


8 Diners, Drive-Ins And Dives (2007-Present)

Stream on Discovery+

Guy Fieri’s Diners, Drive-Ins and Dives has been a popular Food Network show since it began airing, and there’s a good reason for that: it showcases passionate, talented chefs and the fun restaurants that they run.

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Just like Next Level Chef shows that there are many skilled people who want to advance in the culinary world, Diners shows the chefs who deserve praise and attention for the hard work that they put into their craft day in and day out.

7 Somebody Feed Phil (2018-Present)

Stream on Netflix


popular Netflix show about travelSomebody Feed Phil follows Phil Rosenthal as he goes to some incredible cities across the world, meets amazing chefs, and tries all kinds of food.

Like Next Level ChefSomebody Feed Phil is all about people bonding with each other based on a love of food. Just as Gordon Ramsay, Richard Blais, and Nyesha Arrington want to help their contestants learn more and find more confidence in themselves, Phil is super supportive and kind to everyone who he meets. 

6 Top Chef (2006-Present)

Stream on Hulu

The contestants of Top Chef season 16

With 18 seasons so far, the Bravo show Top Chef is another good pick for fans who are checking out Next Level Chef.

Top Chef is considered one of the most exciting and fascinating competition food shows, and like Next Level Chef, the contestants are competing with each other to win hundreds of thousands of dollars. Both shows are about the talented people who love putting food on the table in an artistic way.

5 Food Network Star (2005-Present)

Hosted by Bobby Flay, Gidia DiLaurentiis, and for several seasons, Alton Brown, Food Network Star is how Guy Fieri got his start as he won season 2.

Both Food Network Star and Next Level Chef feature contestants trying to win while learning more about their culinary craft. It’s a lot of fun watching the Food Network Star contestants learn how to speak on camera and try out various challenges. Both shows also allow viewers the chance to root for certain contestants who they believe should be crowned the winner.

4 Good Eats (1999-Present)

Stream on Discovery+

There are many non-competition cooking TV shows and Alton Brown’s Good Eats definitely falls into that category.

The original series aired for several seasons from 1999 to 2011 and Brown brought back several new versions of the show: Good Eats: The Return and Good Eats: Reloaded. The show is fascinating for foodies who want to learn more about the best way to make a certain dish along with some history, all delivered in an entertaining manner with jokes and sketches.

3 Beat Bobby Flay (2013-Present)

Stream on Discovery+ and Fubu

After years of cooking shows on The Food Network, Bobby Flay began competing against restaurant chefs in his popular series Beat Bobby Flay. In each episode, a chef comes on to make a dish that they are famous for, and Bobby sees if he can win against them.

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There have been 28 seasons so far, so there are many episodes to catch up on, and it’s always exciting seeing if Bobby or the other chef will win this time.

2 The Flay List (2019)

Stream on Discovery+ and Fubu

Split image of Sophie and Bobby Flay eating and taking a photo on The Flay List

There are many great past Food Network cooking shows and there have been some exciting ones more recently as well.

The Flay List only has one season so far, and follows Bobby Flay and his daughter Sophie as they try out various restaurant dishes in New York City. They each pick a favorite place for a certain type of food, from tacos to pizza, and like Next Level Chef, the focus is on the talented people who decide to make a life out of their love for food.

1 Salt Fat Acid Heat

Stream on Netflix

Salt Fat Acid Heat

The beautiful Netflix series Salt Fat Acid Heat Samin Nosrat is adapted from the book of the same name and like in her book, Samin aims to help explain how these elements help people become better cooks.

This is a nice companion piece to a competition series like Next Level Chef since it talks about flavor and cooking tips and tricks.

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