Food can heal. Make sure you choose what you eat wisely

“No diet is perfect ever” — an appropriate description of what constitutes a healthy diet always varies, as nutritional requirements for each individual differ based on the metabolism and the physical state. Foods that help in growth and development for a growing child might have a different impact on an adult with certain diseases. At times, people might fall for false promotions and practice unhealthy diet patterns, which in this modern era, is a major health concern. 

Remember, food is an essential key towards successful healing and how we choose it makes a lot of difference. Feeding your body is not enough; instead eat food that nourishes your soul. 

Well, a few “daily foods” like vegetables, fruits, cereals, milk and meat products are an essential part of everyone’s diet, without which the regular regimen is incomplete. Similarly, maintaining an iso-caloric balance is equally important between the calorie intake and the

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Island Jerk shares food, cooking secrets with all | Life

There’s no denying it, Bernie Gendron is a giver. The chef and owner of Island Jerk on Newcastle Street in Brunswick is always ready to open her heart … or her recipe book to share with others.

Case in point, on an early Tuesday morning, she received a call from a patron about where to find some of her key jerk spices. Gendron surrendered her secrets without hesitation.

“I’m an open book,” she says with a shrug.

Of course, recreating the flavors she cooks up at her restaurant is no easy task. The process is not only labor intensive, but it requires a deep knowledge of the source of the foods, the Caribbean Islands.

“The thing is … it has to be fresh. That’s the key to Jamaican food. You have to use fresh produce, fresh seasoning and herbs,” she said. “We have our meats cut custom.”

Gendron has been

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