20 mouthwatering cooking shows you should be streaming right now

Nicole Byer et al. sitting at a table: 20 mouthwatering cooking shows you should be streaming right now

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20 mouthwatering cooking shows you should be streaming right now

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Cooking shows and cooking competitions exist on a broad spectrum, from high stakes, high octane kitchen showdowns, to relaxing, wholesome wanders through the culinary landscape. In particular, cooking shows can be about almost anything, from the creation of fantastical food displays, to the most economical use of ingredients and time, to heartfelt discussions about the nature of culinary identity and culinary diaspora.

If you’ve finished up your rewatch of Cutthroat Kitchen and you’re looking to explore new cooking adventures, you’ve come to the right place. We rounded up a group of excellent cooking programs, from the irreverent to the extremely chaotic.

1. The Great British Baking Show

Noel Fielding et al. standing in front of a cake: Truly I will never forget this reveal of a Freddy Mercury cake.

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Truly I will never forget this reveal of a Freddy

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10 Best Cooking Shows That Aren’t About Competition

The top reality television news of the month is certainly the return of Top Chef. While the new season of the cooking competition series has set food fans abuzz, it is hard to shake the feeling that it is yet another culinary series that has been wholly co-opted by the competitive nature of television. Many executives seem to think that competition series are the only way forward on Food Network and other similar entities.

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Fortunately, the history of food on the small screen is one that also welcomes decidedly non-competitive affairs. From shows that teach about cooking directly to those that do it in a more palatable manner, there is always something to devour when chefs and bakers squaring off isn’t what you are in the mood for.

10 The Chef Show (Netflix)

The Chef Show

First up, on Netflix, Jon

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Waffles + Mochi Creators on Working With Michelle Obama and Breaking the Rules of Kids’ Shows

Every other Wednesday, Bon Appétit executive editor Sonia Chopra shares what’s going on at BA—the stories she’s loved reading, the recipes she’s been making, and more. If you sign up for our newsletter, you’ll get her letter before everyone else.

As someone with a deep appreciation for food culture, children’s media, and Michelle Obama, I responded to news of Waffles + Mochi, the new kids show produced by and featuring the former first lady, with a lot of exclamation points and heart-eye emojis. The show’s title refers to the two puppet stars, who escape the Land of Frozen Food (where everything they cook turns to ice!) and embark on a series of food adventures that take them around the world. And they meet some really smart and fun chefs along the way, including some of my own cooking idols: Samin Nosrat, Preeti Mistry, Mashama Bailey,

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‘Selena + Chef,’ ‘The Pioneer Woman,’ and How the Pandemic Made Cooking Shows Better

You don’t need me to point out how much COVID-19 took away from all of us in 2020, but in a bizarre twist, the challenges of quarantine might have inadvertently pushed one genre to the next tier of excellence. Cooking shows — whether hosted on Food Network, HBO Max, or YouTube channels — nimbly adjusted to home kitchens where chefs finally had to confront the reality home cooks faced every day. More than that, the format of cooking shows like Selena + Chef or Amy Schumer Learns to Cook helped professional chefs react on the fly to a novice’s interpretation of their recipes. All told, cooking became less elitist and more down-to-earth, all good for inspiring wannabe chefs to try their hand at a new dish in the kitchen…

Thanks to the long lag time in most TV production schedules, the first part of food media that visibly showed

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