4 Frozen Food Safety Tips According to the FDA

We are alllll about freezing foods. Not only do frozen foods help generate 47 percent less food waste compared to refrigerated food, but they’re a great way to eat healthy on a budget while enjoying good-for-you foods that may be out of season. Plus, no one really wants to eat dinner party leftovers for a week straight—but that frozen chili or mashed potatoes will be sounding *quite* delicious come April.

All of this being said, if an item has already been frozen and thawed, there are a few important frozen food safety tips to bear in mind when it comes to refreezing.

4 frozen food safety tips that will keep your precious leftovers free of bacteria (and just as flavorful as they were on day one)

1. For optimal flavor, freeze foods quickly and in small batches.

First, a note about taste. Generally, the faster something freezes,

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Fit Men Cook’s Kevin Curry Shares His Meal Prep Tips for Two

Kevin Curry started his Fit Men Cook social media presence nearly 10 years ago, and since, he has been known as the meal prep master. His website boasts mouth-watering recipes from Low-Carb Cajun Style Okra Seafood Soup to Apple Cinnamon Ginger Coffee Cake Muffins to Zaalouk, a Moroccan-inspired tomato and eggplant spread. And don’t even get us started about the stunning recipes from his 2018 cookbook Fit Men Cook: 100+ Meal Prep Recipes for Men and Women. Plus, his entire website, Instagram posts, and many of his products are available in both English and Spanish—to make his healthy meals accessible to more readers.

But what makes Curry’s approach to meal prep and wellness different than every other food blogger or social media influencer? Curry walks the walk and pivots when he sees an opportunity for self-improvement.

From cooking as a single person or a small household to offering

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Food prep safety ahead of the Super Bowl and tips to prevent sickness

SPRINGFIELD, Mo. (KY3) – Many football fans will enjoy food while watching the big game on Sunday, but the Springfield-Greene County Health Department wants you to keep a few food-prep tips in mind to prevent any illnesses.

First, as you prepare your super bowl snacks, make sure to keep your ready-to-eat food separate from your prepared foods to prevent cross-contamination.

“If you are hosting an event with lots of food, if you’re touching that food, if you are preparing any of that food, wash your hands and wash your hands often,” said Aaron Schekorra with the Springfield-Greene County Health Department. “Especially when you are switching between potentially-hazardous foods, like raw meat, to ready-to-eat foods like salads or fruit trays.”

When you are preparing your food, make sure it is fully-cooked. Chicken needs to be cooked to 165 degrees. Beef needs to be cooked to 155 degrees.

“You want to make

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Avoid food poisoning with these party tips

No one wants to spend the week after the Super Bowl recovering from food poisoning – especially if their team lost.

But the big game is also a common day for people to contract foodborne illnesses, according to Vanessa Coffman, director of the Alliance to Stop Foodborne Illness.

Thoughts of food safety take a backseat to the excitement of that pick six. No one cares that the pasta salad has gotten warm when their team is at first and goal. 

Stop Foodborne Illness offers these tips to make sure the days after your team’s win are as enjoyable as that first scoop of dip on game day: 

1. Keep food out of the danger zone

Bacteria grow fastest in the range of 40-140 degrees Fahrenheit, known as the “danger zone.”

A refrigerator set at 40 degrees Fahrenheit or below will protect most foods. Your fridge is one of the

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