Best crispy smashed potato recipe

Potatoes are one of the most versatile foods out there, hence why they are often overlooked. But these garlic smashed potatoes are truly unforgettable once you try them. They are so incredibly easy to make and serve as the perfect side for any meal. I often eat them straight off the pan as a snack too! They do take a little time to prepare but require very little actual cooking, so they are perfect to whip up while studying or in a meeting.


  • Potatoes (Note: For this recipe, you must use small potatoes! Most grocery stores sell packs of mini potato medleys that are perfect for this.)
  • 2 tablespoons olive oil 
  • 3 to 4 cloves crushed garlic or garlic seasoning
  • Salt and pepper (plus any other seasonings your heart desires)
  • Parmesan cheese (optional) 


  1. Place your potatoes into a pot filled with water, and then bring to a
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Recipe developer’s tips to shop so there’s food you actually want to eat at home

August DeWindt has turned the relatable phrase into a good thing.

Unlike your parents, August DeWindt means it and gives the phrase new meaning because she helps home cooks make something truly delicious — and possibly even better than the original version.

“I like to share my weekly grocery plan … to show that you can budget,” she explained. “I shop for two people, my husband and myself, and I try to spend $100 per week.”

Those videos, she said, while not as popular for the

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A chicken and rice meatballs recipe with roasted carrots and labne call for hands-on cooking

“Humans are wired to touch other humans; when we can’t, deprivation results in the usual litany of bad things: stress, anxiety, depression, weakened immune systems …” Davis writes.

Cliche as it may be, the kitchen is still a safe place to wake up your senses. It’s no replacement for a hug, but cooking is a craft that is, above all, tactile. You could knead a ball of dough, crimp a pie crust, pinch together the edges of a dumpling or roll out gnocchi. Or, you could make these meatballs.

Leftover rice and ground chicken form the base of the meatballs — our food stylist Lisa Cherkasky called them porcupine meatballs, but I hadn’t heard the term before! In go onions and garlic that have been warmed in butter along with tomato paste and baharat. (Heating the tomato paste and spices activates their aromatic compounds, encouraging their flavors to

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This fish in parchment packets recipe is a simple, centuries-old method with flavorful results

It is just one example of paper-bag cookery, as the “The Oxford Companion to Food” calls it: The method of sealing proteins up in paper with a bit of liquid for moist heat and aromatics for flavor has been used by many cultures for centuries for varying types of foods. Fish may be the classic protein, but most lean proteins can be cooked this way.

I’ve tried this with the classic pompano as well as trout, salmon and cod. The only rule of thumb: The fish should be no thicker than about 1 inch.

I like this way of cooking fish because it accomplishes several goals. The moist heat prevents the fish from drying out, and the steamed aromatics penetrate the fish with flavor. Once the fillets are placed in the folded parchment, they bake undisturbed, so there is no need to worry about breaking up fillets while flipping them

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