Rice & Roux Serves Authentic Cajun Food Fast in Baton Rouge | Louisiana News

By ROBIN MILLER, The Advocate

BATON ROUGE, La. (AP) — Rice & Roux is the place to go if you want a taste of authentic Louisiana food served up quickly.

That’s not saying the food is made in a hurry. The restaurant’s staff starts preparing early in the morning, using the same techniques any good south Louisiana cook would use.

That means stirring up a roux for the gumbo and getting the rice for the jambalaya just right.

Those are the menu favorites at Rice & Roux, which has locations at 2158 O’Neal Lane and 320 Lee Drive.

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The Lee Drive store opened in May 2020 during the coronavirus pandemic. Owners John and Kara Baquet and Dustin and Shasta Felton knew their venture would be risky.

But their first restaurant, opened on O’Neal in 2006, has a loyal following, and the Lee Drive location has something the one

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FNAF Meets Cooking Mama In PS1-Inspired Fast Food Horror Game

Happy’s Humble Burger Farm is a mix of survival horror and fast food simulator complete with FNAF vibes and wrapped in a PS1-style package.

The latest horror title to hit Steam, Happy’s Humble Burger Farm, brings players into a PS1-style fast food simulator with a terrifying twist perfect for Five Nights at Freddy’s fans, especially with Security Breach‘s release date right around the corner. While October and its Halloween celebrations are already in the past, this eerie simulator released at the beginning of December still seeks to bring a frightful vibe to its players. Fans may recognize the game’s publisher, tinyBuild, from other popular indie titles such as Hello Neighbor and Graveyard Keeper.

There has been a recent surge in the horror gaming community involving the usage of retro PS1-era graphics, trading the disturbing detail of games like Dead Space for a more minimal approach that

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Street Robot Vending Machine Cooks Food Fast

A street robot vending machine can prepare healthy food from vegetables and cereals in under one minute, and can cook as many as 1,000 different dishes using 16 basic ingredients and 20 dressings and toppings.

The prototype of the SalatOmat vending machine was developed by Russia’s National University Science and Technology (NUST MISIS) engineers, together with Karfidov Lab, and was commissioned by a private company, AFM, according to a press release on Wednesday (Nov. 24).

The machine is intended to become part of the city’s healthy food infrastructure to help people who are looking to eat a healthier diet or those with allergies or other food restrictions.

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“The process of cooking by the robot begins with the preparation of products — thermal and ultraviolet processing (protection against microbes and viruses), cutting vegetables, stabilizing the temperature (cooling or

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Fast food contains industrial chemicals from packaging, study says

Fast food contains industrial chemicals from packaging, study says
Fast food often contains chemicals, including some used to soften plastic, because of how it is packaged and handled, according to a new study. Photo by Engin_Akyurt/Pixabay

Do you like your burgers well done with a side of plastic?

Probably not. But a new study suggests that fast food often comes with a sizable helping of plastic-softening chemicals that could potentially lead to hormone disruption, infertility and learning disabilities.

At issue are phthalates and other so-called “replacement plasticizers.”

Manufacturers use these chemicals to help soften the plastics found in products that are routinely used when handling food. Those include gloves, conveyor belts, packaging, wrapping and tubes.

The problem: phthalates and their plasticizer cousins don’t seem to stay in their lane, easily migrating into the foods with which they come into contact.

The study’s researchers warn that between 70% and 86% of the fast foods they tested contained some type

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