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Than a Food Fitter

Your Daily FoodScope for February 17, 2022

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Do you often find yourself wondering what food to cook, how to cook it, and even that dreaded question—how much of it? It’s a daily struggle for all of us, but need not be with our food horoscope. Satisfaction is only a click away!


Your emotions may be in a state of uproar, but taking them out on those around you doesn’t win you many sympathy votes. Keep it together until you get home, and then do something to comfort the snarling beast. This sounds a night for microwave popcorn, chocolate bon-bons and ‘Steel Magnolias’ on DVD.


Spread the word and plan the festivities. Dive in head first with generous portions of garlic fries, soup and clams in white wine and garlic broth. But later tonight, somewhere between the forty-clove Chinese chicken and the garlic ice cream, your head may become woozy.


You may feel aloof and scatterbrained today, and you stand a very real chance of losing your stuff. Expect to spend the day retracing your steps. Your search should prove productive as you find your cell phone at the coffee shop and your glasses at the deli. You’d have a Reuben with slaw and fries while you’re there, but you still need to find your wallet.


You have an urge to shed the coat of familiarity today, and try something new and different. Forego your usual scrambled egg white omelet and have a lively Indian Dosa Podi with garlic for breakfast, and a Paneer sandwich for lunch.


Your finely tuned sense of control could take a hit today. Beware of coworkers who bring bagels and cream cheese into work. You can’t resist noshing on garlic bagels with green onion schmear, no matter how hard you try.

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You may be dismayed at how much you have to give up in your relentless pursuit for the body beautiful. Flavored mochas, lattes and cappuccinos may be the next to bite the dust, as such drinks can contain as many 670 calories. Blame the whipped cream, whole milk and syrups.


There’s great wailing and rending of garments today as emotional coworkers crack under the pressure. Still, you remain unfazed, the calm center of the storm. Perhaps an early morning jog followed by muesli, wheat flakes and yogurt with apple slices is responsible for your Zen-like demeanor.


You may not have the brainpower needed to engage in deep conversations today. Try a seafood dinner of crab bisque and blackened swordfish to break those mental restraints by flushing you with brain-stimulating Omega-3’s. Compared to you, that Thomas Edison fellow looks like quite the stupidhead.


Everyone else’s energy levels are way up there, but yours don’t even seem to register a blip on the radar. You may have to take quick action if you want to enter into that rarified air. Maybe it’s the cinnamon or that warm, crunchy topping, but a homemade apple crisp cobbler is even better than electroshock therapy.


You may bear the brunt of coworkers’ practical jokes today. You don’t take it personally, because you know they’re only having fun, but you do have your limits. Tampering with the homemade calzone you brought for lunch is tantamount to a declaration of war, one that you’re all too happy to engage in.


Sometimes even Fido enjoys a home cooked meal, and there’s no harm in feeding him browned ground beef or grilled beef kebabs. But don’t gussy it up too much, as onion, garlic and certain herbs can be harmful to dogs and cats, resulting in a long, painful illness. You wouldn’t want that to happen to your best friend, now would you?


You may feel melancholy, so save your best garlic treat for last. Garlic ice cream may sound kooky, but its smooth, mild flavor must be tasted to be believed. Later, you’re nestled all snug in your bed while visions of garlic bulbs dance in your head.

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