My Morning Jacket’s Patrick Hallahan on Cooking Show

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Take a peek at Michelle Obama’s food adventures in trailer for her kids’ show

Michelle Obama is giving people a look at her upcoming children’s show about food and cooking.

The trailer for her Netflix series, “Waffles + Mochi,” is out now and teases all that’s in store once the show begins streaming March 16.

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Michelle Obama, Waffles + Mochi (Adam Rose / Netflix)

Michelle Obama, Waffles + Mochi (Adam Rose / Netflix)

“If you want to be great chefs, you have to learn about all kinds of different foods,” the former first lady says as the trailer starts.

The series follows the title characters, puppets Waffles (who’s part yeti and part frozen waffle) and Mochi (a strawbery ice cream treat who speaks his own language), as they traverse the globe learning about food.

“Hello, Waffles and Mochi. Are you ready for an amazing adventure?” Obama asks the duo after meeting them.

Michelle Obama, Waffles + Mochi (Adam Rose / Netflix)

Michelle Obama, Waffles
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Ludacris is cooking in the kitchen on new streaming show

LOS ANGELES (AP) — Ludacris can rap, write songs, and act. He just can’t cook, and no, opening cans and slapping together bologna or grilled cheese sandwiches doesn’t count.

Back in his days of, as he says, not having “two nickels to rub together,” Ludacris would throw together whatever he could find, chow down and get back to his music.

“When men like myself are hungry, we just want to eat,” he said Thursday on a video call. “We don’t want to take 30 minutes to an hour to cook.”

He’s finally upping his skills in the kitchen in “Luda Can’t Cook,” a one-hour special that debuts Feb. 25 on the discovery+ plus streaming service. He gets schooled by chef Meherwan Irani, who introduces Ludacris to international flavors and techniques.

“It was an eye-opener and so many lightbulb moments for me,” he said.

Ludacris isn’t the only entertainer in the

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Michelle Obama returns to Netflix with new children’s cooking show called “Waffles + Mochi”

Former first lady Michelle Obama is returning to Netflix, this time to debut a new children’s food show with a pair of puppets. She says she hopes it will “bring a bit of light and laughter to homes around the world.”

On Tuesday, she announced that she’s teaming up with the streaming giant for the new series called “Waffles + Mochi.” The show starts streaming on March 16 and will be “all about good food: discovering it, cooking it, and of course, eating it,” Mrs. Obama shared in an Instagram post. She will be both a star and an executive producer of the series.

The show centers on two puppet friends, Waffles and Mochi, who dream of becoming chefs and travel across the world looking for ingredients and making dishes “alongside renowned chefs, home cooks, kids and celebrities,” according to a press release from the show. 

“They come from

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