These Food Delivery Apps Are Built for the Community by the Community

“The day after Trump got elected [in 2016], we ended up dropping out of college,” David Cabello says, referring to his twin brother, Aaron, and himself. “We wanted to help Black businesses and Black people. I didn’t know how I was going to do that, just that I had to.” While he was figuring things out, Cabello started delivering for Postmates. “At some point, I said to myself, ‘If I can make this much money delivering food on a bike, how much could I make owning the company?’” he remembers. He soon realized there were no food deliveries in the country focusing on Black-owned businesses. So he decided to start one after watching “the corniest YouTube video about starting a business.”

In 2019, Black and Mobile was born, dedicated to delivering food from Black-owned businesses. The first year was tough. Cabello and his brother had only five restaurants in Philadelphia

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Food council cooks up community engagement through virtual class | Tri-state News

Saralyn Collingwood sliced up a sweet potato and directed the virtual audience following her lead to lather their own potatoes with blood orange olive oil.

While it wasn’t an ordinary way to hold a cooking class, it still offered a way to show people how they can assemble a healthy dinner using local products, organizers said.

“We all get Zoom fatigue, and we felt this was a great way we can share something like a meal from local foods,” said Michaela Freiburger, chairwoman of Dubuque County Food Policy Council.


More than 30 people attended the council’s annual community engagement event on Wednesday. While the COVID-19 pandemic prompted organizers to move this year’s event to a virtual format, they still wanted to find a way to engage and educate their audience, said Sunil Malapati, a member of the council.

“Last year, we had snacks and some local

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Inside the Brighton community food hall opening for the first time on 4 July

Shelter Hall Raw Brighton - Christopher Pledger
Shelter Hall Raw Brighton – Christopher Pledger

For the majority of hospitality businesses opening their doors on 4 July, its a chance to dust off tables and switch on ovens that have remained dormant for the past few months. 

However, for Shelter Hall Raw, a food hall built in a Victorian rotunda on Brighton’s seafront, Super Saturday is a grand opening for the very first time – even if the builders are still there. In fact, the project – which has been in the planning for a year – has so sped up proceedings to be ready for this weekend that the walls are unpainted and the counters still MDF. ‘Raw’ is no understatement.

“We wanted to be able to offer something on 4 July to help spearhead the regeneration of the industry and the community, to help to bring things back,” explains Dan Warne, the CEO and co-founder of

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As a Lebanese refugee, cooking has become my lifeline and my community

When I’m eating delicious Lebanese food with my cookery class students, I can forget about all the pain. I feel loved. As a Lebanese chef currently in the UK, I know that sharing food is what makes us human.

There has been a long road between my old life in Lebanon and teaching cookery students in the UK. I was shot twice by a member of the Shia opposition during the internal conflict which broke out in Lebanon between the Sunni and Shia Muslims, and it left me paralysed for life. Through all the pain and uncertainty, cooking has become my lifeline here in the UK.

I was 24 years old the day I became paralysed. I was on my way to work a night shift. I was just opening my car when a man pointed a gun at me. I put my hands in the air and said, “I’m

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