Chef sold barbecue from a gas station before opening unique outdoor restaurant

Chef Alfred Mann has held various titles across the restaurant industry, from an executive chef at an Italian restaurant to a personal chef for professional basketball players.

But the cuisine that captured Mann’s heart from the time he was a small child is barbecue.

“I grew up in Kissimmee, Florida, eating barbecue from a gentleman named Gene Daniels,” Mann told TODAY Food. “His style of barbecue was North Carolina. He’d make vinegar-based sauces and I remember there was a train that passed through where he was barbecuing and the train would stop and guys would get off the train to get his food, even though they had a schedule — that was my first experience with really good barbecue.”

Mann says his love of barbecue started when he was a young child who would eat at a barbecue restaurant near his Kissimmee, Florida home. (Terri Peters)
Mann says his love of barbecue started when he was a young child who would eat at a barbecue restaurant near his Kissimmee, Florida home. (Terri Peters)

Mann carried lessons

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Cutthroat Kitchen Champ DJ Chef, of Long Beach, Takes on New Show

DJ Chef, of Long Beach, who won Food Network’s Cutthroat Kitchen, continues his competitive cooking show stardom next month on Supermarket Stakeout, hosted by chef Alex Guarnaschelli.

DJ Chef, whose real name is Marc Weiss, is slated to appear March 9 on the reality show in which four chefs compete in three rounds to create dishes using grocery items from supermarket customers. 

“Let’s go! I’m back on #FoodNetwork #SupermarketStakeout March 9 @10pm! DVR Alert,” the chef tweeted about the show, expressing his excitement, last month.

DJ Chef has also made appearances on Food Network’s What’s Hot!, What’s Cool!, MSNBC’s Entertainment Hot List, and Discovery Channel’s Party Planner with David Tutera in the past.

DJ Chef began his career as a DJ at 15 years old and later attended culinary school

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Small-kitchen cooking tips from a camper-living chef

When many New York City dwellers fled to smaller towns and rural areas last year, I, like many others, was skeptical of their intentions. But the journey of one of my favorite voices in the city’s food scene, Lee Kalpakis, was one that felt inspiring (and soothing!) to follow during this time. When the pandemic hit, Kalpakis — who has worked as a recipe developer, food stylist, culinary producer, and video host—and her partner both lost their jobs; they decided to give up their Brooklyn loft and move to the Catskills, where they both grew up. But instead of another apartment, they purchased a bare-bones 1976 Fleetwood Prowler van to refurbish. Now, they’re on their own land — much more isolated than when they had started out in 2020 — but building a home all their own.

Though Kalpakis has spent most of her professional life working in restaurants

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Self-Taught Chef Nona Malone Shares Her Love for Cooking Through “Food by Nona Malone” Cookbook – Press Release

It has long been established that there is no set recipe for success. Some have managed to secure a position at the forefront of their fields with the support of established industry authorities, while others have reached impressive heights through sheer dedication alone. For Nona Malone, what spelled the difference between success and failure is the initiative to transform into an expert as well as her passion for food, which kept the fire burning and ensured that she would keep moving forward until she reaches the summit.

For ten years now, this self-taught chef has made the most delectable dishes and created recipes that have suited the palate of countless individuals. The commitment she demonstrates in refining her skills and increasing her knowledge about food and cooking is a sight to see and has helped her take center stage. Additionally, the effort she has expended in teaching herself the nitty-gritty

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