After Johor woman asked to pay up RM10,500 in rent, son goes to TikTok with plea to get customers for her food stall (VIDEO)

Normalah has been struggling to keep herself afloat as business has been bad since the MCO. — Screengrab via Facebook/FedtriYahya

Normalah has been struggling to keep herself afloat as business has been bad since the MCO. — Screengrab via Facebook/FedtriYahya

PETALING JAYA, April 6 — A son’s initiative to promote his mother’s food stall selling food such as mee bandung, ayam goreng berempah and bakso has led to people visiting the stall.

Muhammad Farid Abdul Rahman, who posted the video on TikTok told Malay Mail that since the first movement control order (MCO), his mother had been struggling to keep the food stall business afloat.

On top of that, his mother Normalah Daud became gutted when she was recently told to pay RM10,500 for her three-month rent during the first MCO.

Normalah has been working at the stall in Danga Bay for the past 15 years.

Muhammad Farid said his mother had to pay the full rental amount although business has been bad.

“That’s a really huge figure and with

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What Happens To The Food On ‘Pioneer Woman’ When Filming’s Over?

From Women’s Health

Ree Drummond is all about cooking simple, family-friendly meals. She’s famous for making tons of delicious comfort food on The Pioneer Woman, like broccoli-cheese orzotto, tomato soup, chicken nuggets with cheese and marinara and more cheese—anyone else’s stomachs suddenly growling?

But with so many dishes featured in every show, you have to wonder: What happens to all that food when Ree is done filming?

The answer is simple. Ree’s cowboy husband and four growing kids make easy work of getting rid of her latest recipes!

When the Drummonds alone can’t get the job done, Ree looks to the 25-plus people who usually help her film The Pioneer Woman. (Though, lately, her kids have been producing the show since her UK-based team can’t travel.) “If my family doesn’t finish it off, the crew definitely will,” she says.

Inevitably, some food sits out just a bit

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Woman shares her Filipino culture, food to help others

BERRYVILLE, Va. (AP) — Shortly after 6 p.m. several nights a week a line of cars appears in front of what must be the most popular house on Mosby Boulevard.

One by one the cars pull up to the driveway. A box is handed over. Money exchanges hands. The car drives away and another pulls up to pick up their box.

But it’s not illicit substances in those boxes. It’s egg rolls. Or sometimes it’s chicken fried rice sprinkled with crunchy bacon. Or maybe barbecued chicken skewers.

Since the beginning of February, Violah Lee has been cooking and sharing the food she learned to make as a girl in the Philippines. She takes orders through the Facebook group she created, “Filipino Food for Clarke County, Va.”

“The people are crazy about it,” said Lee of her food. “I love it. It just makes my heart happy.”

Lee doesn’t charge a

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Rattlesnake Greets Woman Trying to Grab Her Food Delivery

You may want to think twice about having food delivered instead of cooking. One woman got a food delivery, and she also a terrifying surprise: a rattlesnake waiting for her to grab the bag.

A delivery driver in Tuscon, Arizona, left the to-go containers on the woman’s front porch, according to a photo shared on the Instagram account @rattlesnakesolutions. An angel statue was beside the drop-off, and coiled behind it was a reptile ready to pounce.

The good news is, a man identified as “Dave” was working at Rattlesnake Solutions that evening, and he was able to help the woman safely retrieve her dinner. “Food delivery ended up, unknowingly, right next to a coiled Western Diamondback Rattlesnake in Tucson,” the photo’s caption explained. “The homeowner saw it when she went to get it … which is where it sat until Dave arrived.”

It’s also lucky the woman spotted the

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