Straightforward Recipes And Cooking Ideas From The IMMEDIATELY Show

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A simple pen and paper can dramatically boost your weight loss. Studies present the act of writing down what you eat and drink tends to make you more conscious of what, when, and the way much you’re consuming – main you to in the end soak up fewer energy. One research found that individuals who kept a food diary six … Read More

Six quick and easy good-mood recipes to make dinnertime a cinch

There are no two ways about it: food can definitely lift your spirits and put you in a good mood. I first realised this as a young boy watching and helping my mum cook for family and friends. She was a wonderful home cook, and I could see the love she put into her food and the way it would bring a smile to people’s faces. 

The kitchen was always a busy place, full of laughter and music. That’s when my love of cooking started.

The recipes here are a selection of my favourite dishes: food that I loved as a child, dishes that remind me of home, some that I’ve enjoyed making for and with my kids over the years (even now they’re older, cooking for them brings me so much joy, and we often get together for a home-made pizza or curry night), and a few from my

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Bon Appetit’s Molly Baz makes food fun in bestselling ‘Cook This Book: Techniques That Teach and Recipes To Repeat’

CLEVELAND, Ohio — For those who can remember TV shows from way back in the twenty-teens, you may recall that little lark of a series, “Schitt’s Creek,” particularly Episode 2 of Season 2, in which David and Moira take over Jocelyn’s kitchen for a bonding experience to cook Moira’s mother’s famous enchiladas. A lot of squabbling and culinary chaos inevitably ensues, and the scene culminates in a smoldering tête-à-tête over the actual meaning of “fold in” the cheese, during which the enchilada sauce burns, and David finally stomps out in disgust.

If only Molly Baz had been there. A senior food editor and recipe developer at Bon Appetit magazine, she’s also the author of the current best-seller, “Cook This Book: Techniques That Teach & Recipes to Repeat.” With these bona fides, Molly is no doubt a whiz at folding in just about anything into anything else, but just as

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Tasty canned food recipes just as good as fresh

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