Alabama schools battling food shortages amid pandemic


Cayce Davis inspects lunch entrees at Redland Elementary School in Wetumpka, Ala., on Sept. 8, 2021. Davis leads the child nutrition staff for Elmore County Schools and has coordinated the district’s efforts to stay ahead of food and labor shortages. (Savannah Tryens-Fernandes/The Alabama Education Lab/ via AP)


Cayce Davis spends hours of her day on the phone.

As child nutrition director for Elmore County schools, she has to call their three food distributors to figure out which food products they actually have and what they can substitute. She has to see if her district’s impromptu food stockpile in a warehouse can meet needs. Then she has to figure out if orders will arrive in time for her short-handed staff to prep and cook 14,000 meals.

Last night, she woke up to a 3 a.m. text from a staff member calling in sick and had to make sure

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Supply issues disrupt food carts during pandemic

Aug. 25—Restrictions on capacity. Labor shortages. Overwhelming demand.

As if problems from the coronavirus pandemic were not big enough headaches for food carts across Astoria, supply chain disruptions have made it difficult to get ingredients.

On Tots, a food cart outside of Reach Break Brewing, has struggled to acquire their most essential item: tater tots.

“It gives you anxiety at the end of the day when you look in the freezer and you are like, ‘I do not have tots for tomorrow,'” said Jordan Gagnon, the co-owner of On Tots.

Like many places, On Tots gets food and supplies, including tater tots, from the U.S. Foods Chef’store in Warrenton. United Natural Foods Inc., the store’s supplier and one of the largest wholesale food distributors in the country, had a coronavirus outbreak at a facility in Centralia, Washington, at the end of July. It shut down for a week, which substantially

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Pandemic Home Reworking Is Booming

Wood additionally isn’t significantly water-resistant, so it’s important that you just wipe up spills on hardwood kitchen flooring immediately . Furthermore, if you stay in a muggy climate, hardwood flooring might not be for you because it might possibly warp under excessive humidity. This, Lovato says, is essential as a result of open ground plans are very prominent in home remodeling proper now. Therefore, you have to select flooring that fits your main living house just as properly as fits your kitchen .

We’ll be right here for many years more to support the wants of our life long pals and clients in Central Maryland. Below are just some of the towns and initiatives that we work on all across Maryland.

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Has the pandemic changed our food habits?

To help highlight the changes Americans made surrounding their food, nutrition and shopping habits over the past year, the International Food Information Council in Washington, D.C., conducted their 16th annual Food and Health Survey.

Whether you became a creative sourdough bread baker or you excelled at holding flawless Zoom meetings, a few of your newly acquired pandemic practices may have made their way into your ongoing daily habits. While I’ll bet there are also some restrictions you couldn’t wait to ditch quicker than you can say “social distance.”

For better or worse, one thing for certain is that COVID-19 has shaped many of our food-related decisions. What foods to stock at home, how to shop and how to get in and out of stores quickly became the focus of our attention. To help highlight the changes Americans made surrounding their food, nutrition and shopping habits over the past

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