Paris Hilton Hosts New Netflix Cooking Show

Netflix has released the official trailer for the upcoming Cooking with Paris series, but from the first few seconds, it’s clear this will not be a typical cooking show where the audience might learn how to prepare various dishes. Indeed, American socialite and businesswoman Paris Hilton is not by any means a trained chef, nor does she claim to be one. Cooking with Paris will launch all six episodes August 4 on Netflix.

The initial tone of the trailer is evocative of a 50’s cooking show and it makes no attempt in hiding its satirical quality. While we may not end up learning too much about the culinary arts, executive producers Aaron Saidman, Eli Holzman, Rebecca Hertz, as well as Hilton herself, will nevertheless have a delightfully funny experience in store for us. As the trailer mentions, this show will present Hilton in a setting “as you’ve never seen

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Cooking with Paris release date, cast, synopsis, trailer, and more

Alright, foodies, there’s a new cooking series coming to Netflix, and it’ll have you breaking out Paris Hilton’s catch phrases as you watch along. That’s right, the heiress whose prone to having her hands in many a cookie jar is back with a new bag: Cooking with Paris.

The original series, based on her cooking show of the same name on her Youtube channel, will be a six episode love affair of all things scrumptious.

Though we warn you, Hilton isn’t a chef. She’d be the first to tell you. She’s simply a woman who likes food and is opening up her kitchen to friends to cook up a storm. With fresh ingredients, new appliances, and a recipe cued up, they’ll be getting down and dirty in the kitchen to scratch up some good eats.

Here’s more on what to expect from the show.

Cooking with Paris

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These are the Barefoot Contessa’s best-ever cooking tips

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Cooking Fresh with M Cantina

M Cantina specializes in gourmet street food – cooked to order.  The menu features flavors and ingredients inspired from central Mexico. Executive Chef, Junior Merino, uses ingredients both familiar and exotic fused together to create an unforgettable and shareable experience for your senses.

Merino, who was born and raised in Puebla, Mexico, is known as “the liquid chef.” He has hundreds of drink recipes under his belt, both alcoholic and nonalcoholic.

Chef Merino served up Chile Relleno Tacos for The Nine.


Chile Relleno Tacos

Executive Chef Junior Merino, The Liquid Chef

Ingredients to make the Chile Relleno

1 chile poblano

Queso fresco

2 eggs

1/2 c flour

Ingredients for salsa ranchera

-3 roma tomatoes

– 2 jalapenos

– 1/2 a small onion

– 1 garlic clove

– Pinch Mexican oregano

– Salt,

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