6 Easy Ways To Organize Your Kitchen That’ll Make Cooking Less Stressful

Whether you’re following a new recipe, preparing multiple dishes at once or simply desire to cook in a clean, stress-free environment, organization is key.

With so many of us in the kitchen more than ever — baking banana bread, tending to sourdough starters, cooking one-pot dishes — it’s time to make your kitchen space work for you and suit your needs. To help get you started, we asked professional chefs (who routinely work in compact, shared spaces where being organized is a necessity) to share organizational tips that they employ in their home kitchens.

1. Keep leftovers in sealed containers and store them where you’ll actually see them.

Cooking in bulk can be a great time-saving technique and cut down on the number of dishes to wash, but it’s important to keep track of leftovers so that they’re eaten before they go bad. “Leftovers should be stored in

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An amazing pineapple corer, plus 14 other cooking and cleaning gadgets I discovered during quarantine

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During quarantine, my homemaking skills have definitely been put to the test. It seems like I’ve been in a 24-hour cycle of cooking and cleaning. And before all of this, I couldn’t even boil an egg! So, I was determined to find some affordable products to make life easier and save time. Turns out, having the right tools for the job makes even the most annoying chores way easier!

From products I have fallen in love with these past few months to items my friends swear by and, of course, goodies I can’t wait to try, I teamed up with the Today Show to share some of the cooking and cleaning must-haves I’ve recently been obsessing

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How to Make the Most of Your Food Processor

what it can do

Dice / Chop / Slice / Emulsify / Blend / Knead Dough

What to cook

Sauces / Purées / Salsa / Dough / Ground Meat / Coleslaw / Nut Butter / Breadcrumbs / Hummus

Trendy small appliances come and go, but the food processor is one that’s a proven mainstay.

This workhorse can chop, slice, shred, and purée many different ingredients—and probably far faster than you can with a knife and cutting board. Some models can even knead dough and grind meat. It’s definitely a lifesaver when cooking for a crowd or preparing multiple batches of a recipe. In those situations, a bigger model with a capacity of 11 to 16 cups might be ideal.

If storage space is tight, a 7-cup model is fine for most tasks and is still plenty useful, especially because it can be difficult to process small amounts (say, a few

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13 things that make cooking during the summer easier

Beat the heat with these efficient cooking gadgets.
Beat the heat with these efficient cooking gadgets.

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Summer is arguably the most difficult time to cook. Yes, the sun stays out longer, but it’s all a facade. Between summer activities and the grueling heat, cooking is often the last thing on our minds. That means many of us go back to takeout night after night, which can seriously add up. Thankfully, there are a few items that make cooking during the summer easier and can save you a ton of time, so you can get back to enjoying the warm weather.

From meal kits to kitchen gadgets, these 13 things will make summer cooking less of a chore this year.

1. A precise meat thermometer

Perfectly cooked meat every time.
Perfectly cooked meat every time.

If you have yet to buy a meat thermometer, your

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